Spring Update

Posted by Bill on May 18, 2016



It’s been about two months since our last update and as always there’s a lot to talk about.

In the weeks leading up to GDC we were focused on getting an internal build out to everyone at Facepunch, which forced us to push hard and improve a lot of our systems.

We received lots of valuable feedback from people outside of the project, and so we started up again in April with a renewed focus on gameplay.


With most of our development time so far having gone into AI and simulation, it feels great to reach the point where we can focus on making the game fun to play.

Tribe Creation

When starting the game for the first time we now allow the player to customise their tribe. We’ve got some more ideas for this down the line to make this process more personal and organic feeling, rather than just a bunch of options. The UI is all placeholder, too.



We’re in the process of fleshing out combat, with ranged attacks in particular being vastly improved in the last couple of weeks. We’re letting the AI deal with things like picking which weapon to use, and what type of attack they should perform and we’ve got area of effect attacks going in too, with bigger animals like the bear able to swipe and hit multiple attackers at once.

It's not a potato. Or a dog.Wistful.

This is a Facepunch game after all, so we’ve added genitals. But not in a vulgar way, but an artistic, meaningful way instead.


With tribe creation going in it felt like a good time to add a traits system, and with all the underlying functionality pretty much ready to go, it didn’t take long! Traits are mostly about boosting an attribute or skill, but can also come bundled with unique behaviours as well.

We’re thinking of giving each person a couple of positive traits and a negative one, the idea being that everyone has a flaw and it’s those quirks in personality that will make our social simulation a little more interesting.

UI Design

The UI has been receiving some love as well, with a return of the portrait display that we’ve had in older versions. We’ve got new designs for crafting and building interfaces coming in soon as well, so more on those in a later blog. There’s a lot of work left to do here, so everything you see is likely to change!

What’s Next?

Right now we’re pushing towards our next internal release at the end of June, and we’re confident that it will be a big step up from our GDC build. We’ll be posting gameplay video when it’s done, so watch out for that in a few weeks time.

Update : Our June build became the October build. We’ve completed that and are currently working on some gameplay videos for the next blog.

Thanks for reading!

Bill & The Team